Richard Mishaan Design Lays Out Quality Interior Design Tips

New York City lays claim to a great many events that attract attention from all around the planet, as well as some of the greatest interior designers in the world. This year we are taking a look at one of the most popular and famous interior-designer only events. For the past 45 years designers from around the world have flocked to NYC to work together in order to show off their designing skills. This years collaboration will take place within a Charles Platt townhouse worth nearly $27 million. The Platt townhouse is 25 feet wide and beholden to 10,000 square feet of space. These designers got together to show off their work and show you what NOT to do when designing your own home.


Designer Timothy Brown cracked open the advice giving session by advocating directly to men: “There are ways of having lighter spaces and keeping the masculine feel. For example, I mix lighter, whiter walls with a heather gray sofa and a chocolate brown rug.” Brown’s advice comes right after Neal Beckstedt, an exclusive NYC designer, advocated something similar: “Most men don’t use color, as they think masculine spaces need to be white, black, and gray.” The long and short of their suggestion: let your color run wild — but not too wild. Here are some excellent furniture pieces to start out with, even grabbing one colorful statement piece can make the look and feel of a room completely different. Another trend that men who love modern styles are flocking is high quality architectural glass, that can completely change the style of a home from the inside out.


Next up we have the titular stylistic advice from Richard Mishaan Design. Mishaan’s advice is interesting because it is almost deceptively simple but so effective. Richard Mishaan believes in embracing your hidden treasures and showing them off to the world. Mishaan points out that most people try to hide away their most interesting pieces of collectibles, opting to keep them away due to the inability to ‘match’ them with the overall room design. Richard Mishaan believes that your room should have personality and that a great talking piece will look good no matter where you end up putting it. Bringing people together is a key part of designing, and strategically placed items from your travels and lifetime make a huge difference.


Richard Mishaan is definitely a breath of fresh air in the designer world of New York City. Where so many of the top 1% try to adhere to the same cliche designing guidelines, Mishaan advocates for letting loose. Mishaan’s advice is as applicable in a New York highrise as it is back in a little townhouse in rural Illinois.

Architectural Digest magazine also recently featured this talented and hardworking designer to showcase his vibrant, simple and modern style.

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