Samuel Strauch And The People-First Approach To Entrepreneurial Work

Metrik Holdings is a real estate investment firm that was founded by Samuel Strauch back in 2002. Over the following 15 years Strauch would slowly but steadily grow his company into a real workhorse in both Florida and international markets thanks to key business relationships with agencies in Latin America.

Strauch is an avid investor and an entrepreneur but above it all he is a leader in his industry. Strauch worked his way up through a high end education before committing himself entirely to the real estate world. Let’s take a look at Strauch’s view on life, his views on business, and how he seamlessly seems to blend the two.

Samuel Strauch has as great of a pedigree as anyone else in the business. Strauch graduated with his undergrad degree from Hofstra University before going on to study at both Erasmus University and Harvard University. There he would hone in on the sharp mind that he has become known for and the key business practices that would embolden his success later on in life.

To find success in real estate, and particularly with your own company as Metrik Real Estate has done, you need to be able to build a relationship. Samuel Strauch knows more than anything else that success in real estate is all about being able to reach another person and connect with them on a personal level. Strauch’s typical day is filled with such connections and he calls these meetings as the ‘key to my business’. Strauch knows that finding the next big property or locating the next great business idea is all about the team you surround yourself with.

Samuel Strauch also knows that the key to success is to not burden yourself with negative energy or self doubt. That is why Strauch spends parts of every single day deeply focused in his own private meditation practices. From this meditation Strauch is able to re-focus himself and shed negative energy. When probed about ‘doing over’ things in life here merely comments, “Looking at the balance, the positive outweighs the negative so I wouldn’t change a thing.” Samuel Strauch and Metrik Holdings are currently highly active in South Miami and Latin America.