Fabletics Stands out from Amazon and Fast Fashion

This is an important time for the fashion industry. For one thing, there are many different business models that are emerging. People are also learning about different ways to shop for clothes. Businesses are paying more attention to the ethics and the message of the company. While there are still certain companies that leave a lot to be desired in their social responsibility like fast fashion companies, there are companies that are showing an example of business ethics. This company is Fabletics. While it is a relatively young company, it has already proven itself to be ethical beyond fast fashion and has a business model that makes it rival Amazon.


As of right now, Amazon is one of the biggest sellers of fashion sense it has a ton of different brands on the site. However, there is one area where Amazon falls short. It does not design its own clothes. This is one area that Fabletics pushes itself ahead of Amazon. Amazon’s business model does give people a membership. There are also features such as fast delivery and certain items being on discount. However, Fabletics outdoes Amazon in the way it actually encourages its customers to take full advantage of their membership which they pay for.


The most important thing that Fabletics does thanks to Kate Hudson and the other founders is to encourage tons of input from the customers. When members sign up, they take the Lifestyle Quiz which helps them find the products that are best suited to them. For one thing, this helps Fabletics pay close attention to its members. The members are given a lot of room to express their views and provide feedback which Fabletics uses in order to provide improved products and services to their customers. After all, they know how powerful the crowd is.


For businesses, customer reviews and word of mouth is very important to its success. After all, this is the age of information. Also a lot of information is easy to access. People will never know when a review on them or a response will be uploaded. They also do not know where it will be uploaded. This is one of the reasons that Kate Hudson and Fabletics as a whole is careful with how they treat their customers and how they address the issues with their products and services. Fabletics is showing the benefits of being a customer focused brand.

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