U.S. Money Reserve and the Safeguarding of Wealth

U.S. Money Reserve just indicated that it’s planning on organizing an Emergency Gold Conference. This conference is going to take place in Austin, Texas in a safe place that’s not available to the public. It’s only going to be accessible to people who are given invitations as well. Phillip N. Diehl is the head of the U.S. Money Reserve. He’s the company’s President and because of that is going to be in charge of running the conference. He’ll discuss a wide range of topics during the event, too. Several examples of these subjects are cyber threats, international terrorism, debt in the United States, unpredictable leadership on a global scale and financial dilemmas. Diehl is also going to go into significant detail about the latest U.S. Gold Report. This U.S. Money Reserve assessment is going to showcase all of the factors that may motivate people in the United States to take the gold ownership route. Diehl will go into global and domestic matters alike. Diehl used to work for the United States Mint as its director. He, as a result, has the ability to give people insight that’s not easy to come across.


People frequently call the U.S. Money Reserve “America’s Gold Authority.” The aim behind the company is to teach the public about different wealth safeguarding options that may be accessible to them. Precious metals have the ability to defend wealth in numerous key ways. Diehl describes physical metals as functioning as insurance for wealth. He thinks that acquiring gold can be an intelligent path for people who have concerns that involve market instability and more.


People often classify Diehl as being among the U.S. Mint’s most capable professionals ever. There have been many prominent publications and institutions that have recognized Diehl’s incredible abilities and talents. He’s been mentioned by the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes magazine, the Washington Post, CNN and even Business Insider.


The U.S. Money Reserve is a massive private supplier that focuses on platinum, silver and gold items that were produced by the government in the United States. It has been in business since the early 2000s. It caters to a large number of customers in locations all over the United States. People depend on the company any time they wish to spread their most valued assets around. The U.S. Money Reserve staff includes adept numismatic and coin research specialists of all kinds.

Ronald Fowlkes Helps Law Enforcement Officers with Extras

Since Ronald Fowlkes was a law enforcement officer in the past, he knows what they need. He wants to help them with things nobody else is willing to do and that’s what has made him a great fit for the job. He has always worked with law enforcement communities and that’s what gave him the motivation to keep helping other people. He had always wanted to give them the opportunities they needed and that meant he had to work hard to show people what was going on in the industry. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of the business and a big part of how he could do different things to actually help people. He knew his motivation would continue as long as he was giving the community what they were looking for. He also knew they would be able to get the best deals possible thanks to everything he had done.


Ronald Fowlkes knew there would be things he couldn’t do, but he wanted to try everything he could to make sure he was taking care of law enforcement officers. There were things he could provide them that would allow them to be confident in their work. There were also things that would make it easier for Ronald Fowlkes to provide them with new opportunities. He had always wanted to make sure he was doing his best and that’s what allowed him the ability to continue pushing on and helping other people.


Even when Ronald Fowlkes was a law enforcement officer within his own community, he tried to support his brothers and sisters. He felt police officers should help each other and be a community because they were the only ones who could understand what the others were going through. Ronald Fowlkes knew this and knew he could do more to help even after he wasn’t an officer. It was the goal he had to make sure he was giving the community everything they wanted and everything he thought they deserved to make sure he was providing them with new opportunities.


While Ronald Fowlkes started his career in the military, he knew he would be able to do more later on. He didn’t plan on staying in the military for his entire life and that was evident in how he worked with other people to get more from the community he was a part of. Ronald Fowlkes liked to give back and was always trying to do the best job possible so people could understand how he was using law enforcement to make things better. Part of what he did was making sure he could help them no matter what issues they were having with their own departments.


Safik Sachedina And Sussex Health Care Celebrate New Diplomas

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a medical professional, public servant, and an entrepreneur. Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950 and completed his rigorous training to achieve his qualifications as a dental surgeon from the prestigious Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. Other than excelling in his field of work, he has expanded his network to incorporate several entrepreneurial interests in the medical sector.

Shafik Sachedina also works benevolently as the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France, on a volunteer basis. His contributions extend beyond being a part of the Institute’s Board of Governors. He is also a member of the AKDN committee, Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International managing committee; and Member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. Moreover, he has also served two terms, back to back as President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. These significant contributions have all been done as a volunteer. Dr. Sachedina founded the revolutionary Sussex Health Care as a means to give back to the community by providing some of the best care homes for those that need it.

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Sussex Health Care is an independent group of care homes that has earned its reputation for being one of the finest care centers for patients with neurodegenerative disorders, learning disorders and also specializes in looking after the elderly. It boasts being the only independent care home provider in the region with a dual accreditation in HQS and ISO 9000:2000. A very important feat that sets the standard for medical care in the UK.

Several level 5 Diplomas in professional practice in Social Care and other high-level diplomas were awarded to the next generation of Sussex Health Care staff at a celebratory event held by the company earlier this month. Pia Parry, Head of Childhood Social Work and Social Care at the University, said: “All of the students, who had no previous higher education experience, have exceeded their expectations, and we are delighted with their achievements.” The year-long course involved several regular workshops and emphasized work-based assessment to ensure that the training directly impacted performance. The owner of Sussex Health Care was full of praise for his staff. Shafik Sachedina stated: “Your knowledge and wisdom will improve the lives of our service users, something you should all be proud of, and your achievements impact on people’s lives.”

Search more about Shafik Sachedina: https://ismailimail.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/ismaili-imamats-diplomatic-corps-senior-officials-of-the-seat-of-ismaili-imamat-personal-representatives-of-the-imam-akdn-resident-representatives/

Jeremy Goldstein’s Success Story

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in a law firm namely Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates. The company offers to advise compensation, and corporate governance matters when issues related to corporate events that are transformative and sensitive situations arise. Before founding his firm, he used to partner at Wachtell firm.


Jeremy Goldstein in the past years has involved himself in many corporate transactions including South African Breweries brewing company, Phillips Petroleum Company, and many others. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein writes on issues such as corporate governance and also executive compensation in Chambers USA guide.


Employees no longer get stock options from the companies they work at so that the companies can save money. Other reasons include stockholders being subjected to the risk of overhang should the value of stock drop. Also, employees are aware that in the eventuality of a downturn, options at stake are worthless, and even those options lead to accounting burdens.


Regardless this compensation method used is advantageous since its simple to understand. The company’s success is also prioritized since options only boost personal earnings. Still, when corporations offer compensation packages, they don’t face higher tax burdens when they use options as opposed to using shares.


A company awarding options stands to benefit from the advantages discussed above. Companies should adopt knockout solution where the options have same time limits. The knockout mechanism might reduce initial costs as each option is valid for a shorter period. Knockout clauses result to lower figures of compensation, and the solution provides the employees with strong incentive.


Stock options don’t solve all problems but at least tackles the biggest hindrances. When options expire, companies may benefit from awarding them after six months to prevent negative impact on the financial statement. Companies go to Jeremy Goldstein when they need legal advice on employee benefits.


Read https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/ to learn more.

Avaaz – The U.S.-based Civic Organization

Avaaz is a United States-based civic organization. The organization was launched in January 2007. The company name was chosen for the community which translation means voice or song chosen as very similar words existed in many languages, and related names existed in most European languages. It deals with global activism on issues like animal rights, climate change, human rights, poverty, corruption, plus conflict. The organization is regarded as the most powerful and the largest globes online activist network. They deal with the issues on climate and much more to help residents as well as the environment.


Corruption is one of the most dangerous crimes that is killing every countries economy, and most of the Brazilian Avaazers have been most powerful and inspirational forces that are driving toward the fight of corruption, and they are successfully winning the war.


The organization has offered itself to help as many poor residents as possible. It has contributed over ten million dollars with half of it helping those that have been faced by disasters to recover from it. These disasters can be like the collapsing of a story building which leads to loss of life and property. Avaaz comes in to help the victims with some money that they will regain their life. The organizations have also been helping the refugees who have millions of children, men, and women on a life-saving mission at sea and protection.


The Avaaz company offers service to solve conflicts; these include reducing the killing of bees by honey combers. Spraying pesticide to bees leads to their suffocation and death. That has led to human and insects conflict. Bees are the major agents of pollination, and when scientists noticed that they are dying slowly at a rate that is terrifying, the organization came to the rescue of the bees and the action was successful.

Talk Fusion: This Is Leadership

Leadership is something that a lot of people hope to obtain, but it is just not natural for them. There is going to be some pressure with leadership and some people just don’t want all of that pressure in their lives. Bob Reina does not mind pressure. After all, he is a former police officer, so he has seen a lot of pressure in his life. That is why running Talk Fusion is still a job, but it is one he enjoys quite a bit because it allows him to help people much the same way he did as a police officer. This is a different way of helping people, but it is still what Bob Reina loves to do: help. Right now, Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers that have heard about it but never tried it out in the past.


They have heard about it on the news (http://www.abcactionnews.com/morning-blend/talk-fusion), and they might have even heard friends talk about it. However, they never thought it was for them or it was something that would work out for them. However, once they have heard the success stories, they decided to give it a shot. After all, if it’s only 30 days and no charge, there is really nothing to worry about for new customers. After a few days, they will see what they have been missing and how special it is for so many people. There is a reason this company won two awards in 2016 such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


There is a reason that people use it for their business and they use it successfully. It really works and it really creates traffic and interest in whatever they are promoting and whatever they are putting out there for the pubic to see. However, there is a creative side of them that is just waiting to come out and it is going to come out thanks to Talk Fusion and Bob Reina.


One of the best parts of the job is when they are able to hear from customers that discuss the way Talk Fusion changed their life.


Fabletics Stands out from Amazon and Fast Fashion

This is an important time for the fashion industry. For one thing, there are many different business models that are emerging. People are also learning about different ways to shop for clothes. Businesses are paying more attention to the ethics and the message of the company. While there are still certain companies that leave a lot to be desired in their social responsibility like fast fashion companies, there are companies that are showing an example of business ethics. This company is Fabletics. While it is a relatively young company, it has already proven itself to be ethical beyond fast fashion and has a business model that makes it rival Amazon.


As of right now, Amazon is one of the biggest sellers of fashion sense it has a ton of different brands on the site. However, there is one area where Amazon falls short. It does not design its own clothes. This is one area that Fabletics pushes itself ahead of Amazon. Amazon’s business model does give people a membership. There are also features such as fast delivery and certain items being on discount. However, Fabletics outdoes Amazon in the way it actually encourages its customers to take full advantage of their membership which they pay for.


The most important thing that Fabletics does thanks to Kate Hudson and the other founders is to encourage tons of input from the customers. When members sign up, they take the Lifestyle Quiz which helps them find the products that are best suited to them. For one thing, this helps Fabletics pay close attention to its members. The members are given a lot of room to express their views and provide feedback which Fabletics uses in order to provide improved products and services to their customers. After all, they know how powerful the crowd is.


For businesses, customer reviews and word of mouth is very important to its success. After all, this is the age of information. Also a lot of information is easy to access. People will never know when a review on them or a response will be uploaded. They also do not know where it will be uploaded. This is one of the reasons that Kate Hudson and Fabletics as a whole is careful with how they treat their customers and how they address the issues with their products and services. Fabletics is showing the benefits of being a customer focused brand.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Brazilian Banker Luíz Carlos Trabuco Knows How To Help His Bank

Brazil may be the poster child for the down and out, politically speaking, but Brazilian banks are laughing all the way to the “bank.” The two giant private banks, Bradesco and Itaú consistently earn returns on equity even when the government is falling apart, and when it has its political “fingers in the cookie jar” Banks turn up the financial heat in bad times. The two private banks manage to return 20 percent of each dollar invested every year. Big banks in the United States only realize 10 percent from each dollar invested.

Even when exports are down, and manufacturing is at a standstill, Brazilian banks are tearing it up, economically speaking. The four biggest banks in Brazil have revenue of more than $20 billion. Twelve years ago, revenue was only $2.1 billion. The funny thing is, 12 years ago Bradesco’s CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, was turning in incredible profits figures as president of Seguros, Bradesco’s insurance division.

The 66-year-old Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not an ordinary banker in terms of education. He’s more thinker than numbers geek. And he has a long history of successes. Other Brazilian banks went into hibernation mode during the recession, Trabuco and his Bradesco team did all they could to build solid social programs within the bank. Mr. Trabuco knows receiving starts with giving, so he went to work and got employees in all 5,000 branches to care about giving back to the community. On the national level, Trabuco is happy to report the bank’s support for national programs. The Brazilian Green House Emissions Program, Companies for Climate Change, and Global Compact, as well as the Carbon Disclosure Program, are all part of Bradesco’s giving back program.

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Banco Bradesco is also turning heads on Wall Street. In the first quarter of 2017, the bank was on fire in terms of profits. More than R$9.3 billion went to Bradesco’s bottom line, and it looks like the second half will be another record breaker. Bradesco’s stock is trading at a little over $10 a share, and Wall Street analysts are pushing investors to buy more now. The economy may be in slow motion, but banks are reaping the rewards of insurance, government programs, bonds and a drop in interest rates. Even though the government is still in turmoil, the unemployment rate is dropping and so are inflation and interest rates.

It’s unfair to say Luíz Carlos Trabuco put the 43-year-old bank in this abundant position on his own, but it is fair to say Trabuco was the current maestro for the success of Bradesco. Bradesco’s Board of Directors had faith in Trabuco early in his banking career because Luiz is a banker with a solid psychology and philosophy background. He has a degree from the University of São Paulo, and a post-graduate’s degree in psychology. His banking career got off the ground in 1969, and after almost 40 years, he can say he knows how to manage banks. Trabuco is a team player. His list of duties would put much younger bankers under the table, but Trabuco still has the energy and knowledge to make a difference.

Mr. Trabuco is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Bradesco, and he is the current President-Director of the Bradesco’s organization companies. Trabuco is Board Chairman of Directors of Elo Participações, and he is a member of the Board of Directors of Brazilian Federation of Banks. Plus, Mr. Trabuco serves on the Strategic Committee of Vale. But he also on the Executive Board of the National Confederation of Financial Institutions. Trabuco also was instrumental in Bradesco’s acquisition of HSBC in 2015.

Learn more about Luiza Carlos Trabuco: http://istoe.com.br/5442_NOVO+COMANDO/

The Success Journey of Talk Fusion In Telecommunication Sector

In 2016 the Talk Fusion was awarded the communications solutions product of the year award. This award is given by the Technology marketing corporation to honor unique products that offer improved voice, data, video and communication. This award is the second award that the company received in 2016 to acknowledge its efforts. The executive of TMC, Rich Tehrani acknowledged Talk Fusion a s an entity that set an example simply by providing the best products and services that keep up with the contemporary market. Learn more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2010/11/10/talk-really-can-be-cheap/#355f7a864e80


Talk Fusion enables users to use the video chat in ensuring face to face communication with whoever they intend to despite their location. The Talk Fusion application is also readily available on iTunes and Google store to in case users need it. Bob Reina, the founder of the cross communication platform, has assured that more plans to ensure the platform is always ahead in its market are in place. The platform is known for providing the all in one video marketing solution which are five leading video communications products including the video newsletter, sign up forms, live meeting, video email and video chat graphics. Talk fusion additionally launched the Free Trials which last for thirty days for those customers who want to try before purchasing and a new site that will enable its users and also entice more customers. Learn more: https://talkfusion.com/en


Talk Fusion’s primary aim is to aid entrepreneurs to shine in their field of expertise and also help them in attracting more customers. In 2007, Bob Reina established Talk Fusion. This forum enables marketing between one individual to another globally. Currently, it operates in 140 states worldwide. Talk Fusion tends giving back to the community hence it is an active participant in charity events. The company has an Instant Pay and compensation scheme that enables people to receive their pay within a suitable period. Money earned is paid instantly through deposing it to the user’s E-wallet account. It also has an active team dedicated to customer satisfaction and possesses innovative ideas for the forum. The most competent team members are awarded cash bonuses and commission to encourage them. The team also takes on new customers and shows them the ropes. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bobreinatalkfusion-704


Norman Pattiz and VP of Edison Research Announced the Result of Podcastone’s Advertising Effectiveness Study

It was in February 2017 when the executive chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz and Edison Research Vice President of Strategy Tom Webster announced the results of a major advertisement study. The study involved advertising tests conducted with five major consumer brands in five diverse products and service categories. A series of comprehensive studies were conducted on pre and post-campaign lift for the podcast advertisers’ brands, and it was completed within the first half of the year 2016. Some of the main findings from the study are as follows:

  • More than 60 percent of listeners identified a specific brand of grocery post-campaign which is a 7 percent increase from the number of listeners in pre-study.
  • Product awareness increased by 47 percent from the time of pre-study to post-study for the financial services products. A 3 percent increase was experienced for automobile aftermarket product and 24 percent increase for garden and lawn products.
  • During the post-study, more than a third of the listeners gave very favorable opinions on automobile aftermarket product, and this was 18 percent improvement from the pre-study period. Also, 22 percent of listeners were very likely to purchase the garden and lawn products in post-study, and this was a 6 percent improvement from the pre-study.
  • Awareness of a certain automobile aftermarket product and a casual dining restaurant campaign messages increased by 60 percent and 76 percent respectively from Pre-study to the post-study.

Edison Research carried out three different studies on behalf of PodcastOne in the year 2016 so as to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising services with five national brands. The study included online assessments of the audiences before the advertising campaign by Podcast started running and after each brand runs for about four to six weeks following the same methodology. The results thus show the outcome before and after the campaign studies, and it is evidenced that the podcast’s audiences are effectively receptive to the brand messages and are also willing to consider the brands.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting entrepreneur and is the founders of PodcastOne where he serves as the executive chairman. He was born in the year 1943, and by 1976 he founded Westwood One which is a radio syndication firm that he grew into the largest radio network in America. Renowned people have recognized Pattiz in his career including President Clinton and Bush who appointed him to the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Through his work, Pattiz has received numerous broadcasting awards which include Giants of Broadcasting Award from Library of American Broadcasting. PodcastOne was founded in the year 2012 as Launchpad before it changed its name in the year 2013.


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