Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Sahm Adrangi

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Kerrisdale Capital Management is a firm that was founded in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi. He originally created the firm with just shy of $1 million, and has been quite active in all of the developmental stages. It now manages $150 million. Whilst Sahm Adrangi's short selling successes are actually truly remarkable, he is really most recognized as a result of releasing research about companies which he believes the market these days has misconceptions about. Two kinds of stocks which he regularly shares his thoughts on are under-followed longs and the shorts he considers to actually be over-hyped. The Securities and Exchange Commission also began to take enforcement actions towards a couple of the companies that Sahm Adrangi unveiled as deceitful, like ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Aliiance. He achieved…
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Learn About Sahm Adrangi: Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Founder

Business, Investment
Sahm Adrangi is a familiar name in the investment world. He began Kerrisdale Capital Management several years ago with only $1 million. After years of development, the firm is now proudly managing over $150 million. Even though Sahm Adrangi's short selling profits might be fairly exceptional, he is in fact better known as a result of releasing research about businesses that he thinks the market currently maintains misconceptions on. Two categories of stocks, which he constantly releases the firm's views on, are under-followed longs coupled with shorts he suspects are over-hyped. The Securities and Exchange Commission also took enforcement measures to combat several of the businesses which Sahm Adrangi exposed to be fraudulent, for example ChinaCast Education Corp as well as China Education Aliiance. He achieved quite a lot of…
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Jeremy Goldstein Advises a Compromise of EPS in Employee Incentives

New York
Many companies around the globe are confused whether they wanted to include EPS as a parameter in the employee incentives. A number of positives and negatives are causing widespread confusion in executives as well as shareholders whether to choose the option or not. Even compensation experts are divided to make a final judgment about including EPS metrics in employee incentives. This is where, Jeremy Goldstein, a New York-based compensation expert to CEOs and executives, provides various thoughts about EPS and his conclusion on choosing it is a performance parameter. He thinks that employee incentives based on EPS are a positive thing, in general.     While EPS is a major influencer in the stock market, it is also helpful for companies to give better pay hike to the employees. Jeremy…
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