Avaaz – The U.S.-based Civic Organization

Avaaz is a United States-based civic organization. The organization was launched in January 2007. The company name was chosen for the community which translation means voice or song chosen as very similar words existed in many languages, and related names existed in most European languages. It deals with global activism on issues like animal rights, climate change, human rights, poverty, corruption, plus conflict. The organization is regarded as the most powerful and the largest globes online activist network. They deal with the issues on climate and much more to help residents as well as the environment.


Corruption is one of the most dangerous crimes that is killing every countries economy, and most of the Brazilian Avaazers have been most powerful and inspirational forces that are driving toward the fight of corruption, and they are successfully winning the war.


The organization has offered itself to help as many poor residents as possible. It has contributed over ten million dollars with half of it helping those that have been faced by disasters to recover from it. These disasters can be like the collapsing of a story building which leads to loss of life and property. Avaaz comes in to help the victims with some money that they will regain their life. The organizations have also been helping the refugees who have millions of children, men, and women on a life-saving mission at sea and protection.


The Avaaz company offers service to solve conflicts; these include reducing the killing of bees by honey combers. Spraying pesticide to bees leads to their suffocation and death. That has led to human and insects conflict. Bees are the major agents of pollination, and when scientists noticed that they are dying slowly at a rate that is terrifying, the organization came to the rescue of the bees and the action was successful.