How Securus Technologies Keep a Prison Free of Contraband

When my team of corrections officers were called into the supervisor’s office to discuss the recent influx in contraband in the inmates hands, we had no idea things had gotten so bad so fast. In the last year, the amount of incidents involving drugs being used and sold in the jail by inmates tripled from the prior year, and we were about to be read the riot act about making a huge dent in the problem immediately. Although we had many resources at our disposal, we were about to discover they were not enough.


Checking visitors and surprise cell inspections were not getting the desired results, so we turned to Securus Technologies for help. This trusted company has over two thousand systems in jails around the country, and the entire Dallas-based company all share the one objective of making this world safe for everyone.


Once me at the rest of the officers on my shift were trained to use the new LBS software, it became apparent to us all that we had a new tool that would significantly cut down on the amount of contraband getting into the jail. On one of the calls an inmate was making, he discussed in his own unique way a system for his brother to hand him prescription drugs at the visitor center. We were able to stop the next transfer and punish both parties. There was a call where an inmate was talking opening about how he hid drugs in his cell and when he used them. Our team intercepted his next score and put a stop to that activity.


In only a few short weeks, we took more contraband out of the jail than we did all last year thanks in part to the huge effort of the team at Securus Technologies.